Steven M DanielsTHlogoI recommend listening in a High Quality pair of headphones for maximum enjoyment. Although, if you have a sound system with good frequency response and are not located in a bass trap (ask a friend), then you will also experience the intended range of sounds together for this music.

 Hi, my name is Steven Michael Daniels. I produce music and call it TextureHead_  (also Intelligent Design, AngelHead_ and Steve Dans). Please enjoy the recordings I have engineered.

‘There are so many stages in this life. Some are equal, some equidistant with many variances… though few of them above one another. It begs the question, “how can we ever discern them?” And even if we never figure it out all at once, the differentiations alone are worth the journey. Up here above or deep below, make no mistake — beware of any accidents by lifting one another way up over your heads and let the love in each others souls define the equations, and master them flawlessly; for even time does not exist outside of perception. Fill in the empty spaces with your soul, and only then can the world marvel as we breathe each others’ unique behaviors and reach for the stars not out of fear or anguish, instead, within the mental pathways that define the individuals that make up the connections we distribute in and out of consciousness for shared love.’



Thanks to God, Jesus, Mom and Dad, my sister, my grandma Sharon Elery Rogers [and grandpa Rogers], my grandma Florence Pace, and Bense, aunts uncles cousins My Entire Church Family, United States of America Armed Services and Veterans, Law Enforcement, News Corp, Full Sail, Rupert Neve, UCF, FAU, (Any Schools I’ve attended and graduated from), The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps, Pageantry Arts Concepts (Infinity Percussion and Stryke Percussion), all of my friends, girlfriends, drumcorps and drumline friends, teachers, students, musicians, Apple And PC hardware/software companies, music gear and software companies, my friends (that I don’t have), and myself of course… oh and how could I forget to thank you.


Entire Music Catalogue (2007-2015)


Strafe Science (2015)


Street (2015)


Practice Makes Patience (2015)


We Must Succeed (2015)


On (2015)


Influential Potential (2015)


Scoring Soaring (2015)


Credible (2015)


Sparkling (2015)


ANGELHEAD_ Vol. 2 (2014-2015)


Big Beat CHillout (2014)


Inclusive (2014)


Living (2014)


Steady (2014)


Temple (2014)


No Excuses (2014)


Clever (2014)


Resume (2014)


Lyrics (2014)


Update (2014)


Super Craft (2014)


Brave (2014)




TextureHead_ 2 (2014)


Live Large (2013)


TextureHead_ (2013)


Culture Blasted (2013)


Steven Daniels Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol. 2 (2013)

Steven Daniels Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol. 1  (2013)


Steven Daniels (2013)

[Adam Westervelt:] Clobber Simpson  (2012)

Love Direction (2012)

Secret Lightyear_ (2011)

Waveframe_ (2010)

The Hydrate EP + Chiral Compound EP (2007-2009)





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