THlogoMy entire life people have been using demigods and the likes to control what I say and how I say it, and I had no idea yet I still got reprimanded for it myself, and I have never ever been a conspiracy theorist, just a troubled/hurt/confused christian trying to make sense of anything while stuck pretending to be composed with good manners and a bad mouth when around folks who dunnit (and they all lie about it anyways). In general I think anything conspiracy-esque is false. Here is an entry of my personal experiences. Conspiracy theorists are the people that the holocaust never happened. I do not fall into this category. Even I admit that my life’s story sounds ridiculous. If anyone else had told me years ago what I am about to inform you of, I wouldn’t have believed it.




Steven M Daniels

“Every Time You Target Me, I Destroy You”

-Steven Michael Daniels  ™ 2013









Yes I am Steven Michael Daniels. I make electronic music. Yes, this IS my website that I typed out and have links to all of the electronic music that I make. If anyone has anything to say against this ignore them and get away from them, this is very serious (read on).


“What began as a strong passion for music, personal development, and sattire eventually grew into an unstoppable hobby (tagged by various professions) due to acquired skillsets and so-called friends trying to traffic me.

I was caught in the middle of something that neither myself nor anyone could witness during the time being (except for those who have attempted to traffic the population, and those who have discovered it and tried to inform everyone in whatever ways possible with whatever data was found (regardless of incoherence). All I wanted to do was create really cool music, however, due to extreme complications with my parents, friends, and law enforcement, I was forced to stand up for myself and turn all of my art into a model that would help make people aware of what we all knew was happening to our social structures and have been blinded from, without hurting anyone.) Human trafficking had penetrated our world at all levels and depths and had almost destroyed many of the truths of life via our social structures, and I had no part in it (oh and blah blah blah, mainstream media propaganda, but that’s clutching at straws here, right?). Recovery is possible, freedom and true fairness is possible. I tried to work to the point of as many human contradictions one could possibly experience through effort and knowledge — I believe God will reward those who are brave enough to do so for the good of mankind, as well as those who are enthusiastic about their neighbor. Jesus’ documented sayings have taught me this.

I’ve worked really hard for many hours (documented) building my skill sets for making music. I Came up with the name and TextureHead_ logo for all of these songs back in 2008.  I hadn’t realized that the TH logo is a straightened out version of the Trilateral Commision’s logo (I even paid to have my logo trademarked in 2010, yikes!).  I have no direct connection to any of these other people or organizations sharing this particular logo (coincidence).

Imagine if 99% of the people who ever acted like they were your true friends were actually betraying you in the process? I know you’re not supposed to feel victim, but what if you were given no reason to think otherwise? In all actuality, I just wanted to make some really cool music that was unique and protect the people that I thought were my friends. Delusion is when the problematic situations never happened, so what do you call it when it actually happened?

The Perfection of Man Occurs when he is right, even when he is wrong.

So here’s the tricky part of sound engineering. Every bit of sound engineered via recording, synthesis, mixing and such is only an emulation of real objects creating real sounds within airspace (typically used to increase the volume of these’s objects’ listenability, although sometimes amplified just to sound good in general). Because recording arts are an emulation of natural sound, the endorphin releases within the brain are extremely difficult to recreate accurately with the realism that God designed creation with. Now is where I’m going to talk about how things have definitely taken a very controversial turn. Around 2010/2011 I had been informed (by 3 different people) that there are certain soundwaves that don’t have to be within the ear’s hearing range to release endorphins (happy-brain chemicals). Actually, these people taught me there are sound waves that have the ability to pump the brain’s reward system with even more dopamine than actual occuring soundwaves heard by the human ear. That’s right, sounds that you can feel without your ears hearing that get you high. Sounds like this have been used for years both for good and for bad, for healing and for manipulation of other people, also an essential tool for anyone trying to traffic the population, right? These are actions that I have strongly shyed away from, in all honesty. Also, with the age of the internet and streaming having completely taken over the recorded music market (not to mention all the location data everyone’s cell phones send off every couple of minutes, this means that location-specific data can be used by anyone who would care to control you in order to purposefully make you or anyone around you feel better or worse at any given moment. Cell phones also can release manipulative sound/frequencies. Yes this is very conspiracy-esque and I have been labeled schizo on occasion (by very rude people) for having figured out this was happening, however, there is real science and data entry that proves individuals are constantly tracked in our society, and that sound waves that the ears can’t hear can still release (maybe stifle?) excessive amounts of reward chemicals / neurotransmitters our brains and bodies–naturally produced but otherwise wouldn’t be normally released in such a fashion, all in order for the big thought bubble of some possible giant secret society to essentially be using “witchcraft” to traffic our population (something I have never personally taken part in. I was just trying to make music, but I’m too smart or stupid or “schizo”, or whatever)). Now, if science one day chronologically proves that I’m right about all of this (and I’m almost sure of it), then maybe some of these aforementioned sound waves could be identified in my music regardless of whether or not I intentionally put them there–or somebody trafficked me at my workstation. Within minutes (sometimes seconds) of working on music, I find it particularly difficult to breathe. Now, human trafficking is typically thought of as sexual trafficking like models or the porn industry or something, never for anything like simply trying to talk to someone who wants to control you or being tracked somehow somewhere into buying this or that or saying this or that; however I have thought about this for a loooong time even as a kid without a shred of evidence to prove this was going on, now with personal experience and research to back up the hypothesis. What makes the control of the populations most effective is the numerous chemicals meticulously placed in our foods, beverages, and drugs  — these numerous chemicals are most likely what makes the trafficking possible, and if the soundwaves are a culprit then they could certainly be working hand in hand with said scientific altercations of the brain chemistry, disguised as preservatives or plain transparencies of our ingested everyday food, beverages, and drugs. I’ve even been poisoned multiple times, baker acted by a doctor who completely made up a reason to have me taken from my family and thrown into a psychosis ward, was attempted-at being framed for crimes or inappropriate acts I never committed (by 3 different employers,  some from really big companies, and people who were trying to act like i was the brother they never had), and threatened to be shot for explaining this to some of those same people who suspiciously asked me for such information. I have a bad feeling it’s about to become every man and woman for themselves out there so stick to your related family, if anything they’re more of your friends than even your friends. I certainly have no reason to trust anyone who doesn’t sympathize or side with this information, in hopes of clearing up things within our society. I hope that having thoroughly explained this that eventually when the whole world is even more closely monitored than it already is today that our justice system will catch everyone who is attempting to use these sound waves to manipulate other people’s lives including my family’s life having been severely tampered with. Because sound travels far and wide, behavior is a must, for further distinguishability of the investigation of sound travelling amongst individuals, and don’t forget who told you everything you needed to know. I learned it from Jesus of Nazareth and from my parents, albeit never to such detail of near troublesome knowledge as i have learned recently and shared with you. Remember me also, because I also sacrificed all of this (so many hours of education and practice) for you, maybe not the way Jesus sacrificed himself for everyone, but it’s definitely a rough decision to try to tell everyone this. Good luck, and may God have mercy on us all.”

-Steven M Daniels



First and foremost I would like to thank God, Jesus, Mom and Dad, my sister, my grandma Sharon Elery Rogers [and grandpa Rogers], my grandma Florence Pace, and Bense, aunts uncles cousins My Entire Church Family, United States of America Armed Services and Veterans, Law Enforcement, News Corp (Particularly Fox), Full Sail, Rupert Neve, UCF, FAU, The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps, Pageantry Arts Concepts (Infinity Percussion and Stryke Percussion), all of my friends, girlfriends, true drumcorps and drumline friends, teachers, students, musicians, Apple And PC hardware/software companies, music gear and software companies, my friends (that I don’t have), and myself of course… oh and how could I forget to thank you, so thank you so much for having the patience to read all of this about me and I really would like to thank all you guys and gals who enjoy my music, I’ve spent so much time making it.


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My name is Steven Michael Daniels. I am a musician, producer, recordist, programmer, composer, arranger, performer, digital artist etc. who studied at the University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida (Even though I went there specifically to learn how to engineer big modern sounds and somehow they never showed me, and I asked them to sooo many times; and upon asking a teacher about my skepticisms of the music industry he told me I was going to be Baker Acted… this was back in 2009. I guess there were more lessons I had to learn before achieving proper sound?!? Anyways, moving on…). Before my fifth birthday I was forced to take vile pink medicine from some female ear doctor then was diagnosed with Chalestatoma, a rare disease of unnecessary tissue growth that ate away some of my middle/inner ear. The first surgery was for completely different investigative intentions, only to find that some of my ear bones had already been destroyed in the left side of my head. My parents eventually found the Silverstein Institute where my hearing was repaired, and this tissue was removed from my skull. It has taken a total of seven surgeries to fix my my ear, but thanks to the help of Dr. Seth Rosenberg and his colleagues at the Silverstein Institute, I continue to actively persevere in my music production with hearing in my left ear. For about eighteen years I had to use about twenty to forty cotton swaps to clean out gobs of putrid ear drainage/wax, every morning when I woke up, and every night before going to sleep (even though as soon as I woke up my ear had usually refilled itself). Doctor Rosenberg finally settled on a prosthesis that doesn’t cause my ear to drain horribly and disgustingly like it used to.  Throughout the length of shy life, I grew up in a Christian home surrounded by music — something that never ceases to spark my curiosity for life. Years of intensive instrumental focus has led me into developed realms of: self, thought, and song. Having performed in drum corps and various drumlines, a great respect is ministered for the obvious hours (of sweat and tears) that shine through in live music. A percussionist at heart, I have spent much of my time and thought on exercising various aspects of rhythm — for example:  The emotion that is captured through tonality and the specific pitch-change-increments can be very apparent even to the uneducated ear. That is why rhythm fascinated me so much… to be able to create the same power of music, simply by changing the amount of time that passes in between the occurance of two or more sound sources?!?!?………flippin’ Brilliant. Oh, and by the way, if you had your head cut open multiple times and have been treated suspiciously by enough people, I bet you’d be trippy too — especially since in high school I was prescribed antibiotics for stress-induced nodular acne that put holes in my face (along with pieces of candy and other foods that kids in school gave me and I ignorantly ate because they were the only people who acted like they were my friends, so I trusted them and shouldn’t have). Most  of the “friends” I have had in my life have tried to entrap me in loopholes. Also, I’m straight and Republican, always was, no matter what,  and always will be.

(This whole webpage is merely to explain to people why I am the way I am in case you ever get to meet me; I would like to demystify myself ahead of time. If it confuses you, I sincerely apologize, if it helps anybody or lets anybody who knows about this how to help anyone including myself, please contact me through this webpage. I can view your comments without publicly displaying them so your identity is safe and secure, or make a fake name via this page to contact me, but in the message let me know how to reciprocate your contact at least.)

Most every person I ever associated with growing up treated me like I screwed up on drugs and never tried any drugs until 10th grade, and never consistently used any drugs until I was 19 years old. In elementary school I was hit in the head with the equivalent of being struck with a baseball bat full force (and was punched and kicked plenty of other times by kids, even picked up and thrown into a thorn bush once). I never knew about mantra until 2011 when I was also informed that the one person I thought was my best friend was actually cursing me with mantra since about age five when he learned it from gang members that lived down the street in our old neighborhood and then my next two best friends when I grew older have done the same to me but won’t admit it (I don’t use mantra, I never used mantra except for those few months that year) and kids in my Christian school growing up used to look me in the eyes and tell me I was going to hell even though I had been a purebred church boy my whole life while they all listened to rap music and watched Mtv, and all my inner turmoil from my youth forced me to figure “What does it matter anymore? I must be responsible for my own suffering”. Yes I can name their names. No I will not name their names unless you’re special and request to know who has tried to totally screw my life up. Most of the people I have spoken with the most have purposefully tried to get inside my head with contradictory information and used particular sound waves (and/or other people using those sound waves) to force my brain’s reward system to remember those thoughts more than my own thoughts that naturally wouldn’t release as many dopamines. Thus I have self-declared myself clinically insane from my life. Not only that, I have been in such torment most of my life outside of my religion that I started making all this music as a form of catharsis in hopes to be loved and to drown out the noise of total contradictory bullshit of my life’s experiences and interactions with non-church folk. It’s ironic that my hobby that I desired to turn into a career basically mimics every piece of science that has put my life through levels of unforgivable difficulty and mental anguish. Welcome to my life that was hell at times from people who think it’s cool to commit Human Rights Violations. However, I still believe in the church regardless, because I have a feeling it is my name and example that has brought so much hatred from the world my way. Reporting and Judging are two seperate actions, so please learn to distinguish. Yes I am straight, no I am not a moon. Everything on this page is true. Jesus Saved Me.




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