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First and foremost I would like to thank God, Jesus, Mom and Dad, my sister, my grandma Sharon Elery Rogers [and grandpa Rogers], my grandma Florence Pace, and Bense, aunts uncles cousins My Entire Church Family, United States of America Armed Services and Veterans, Law Enforcement, News Corp (Particularly Fox), Full Sail, Rupert Neve, UCF, FAU, (Any Schools I’ve attended and graduated from), The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps, Pageantry Arts Concepts (Infinity Percussion and Stryke Percussion), all of my friends, girlfriends, true drumcorps and drumline friends, teachers, students, musicians, Apple And PC hardware/software companies, music gear and software companies, my friends (that I don’t have), and myself of course… oh and how could I forget to thank you.


Entire Music Catalogue (2007-2015)


Credible (2015)


Sparkling (2015)


ANGELHEAD_ Vol. 2 (2014-2015)


Big Beat CHillout (2014)


Inclusive (2014)


Living (2014)


Steady (2014)


Temple (2014)


No Excuses (2014)


Clever (2014)


Resume (2014)


Lyrics (2014)


Update (2014)


Super Craft (2014)


Brave (2014)




TextureHead_ 2 (2014)


Live Large (2013)


TextureHead_ (2013)


Culture Blasted (2013)


Steven Daniels Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol. 2 (2013)

Steven Daniels Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol. 1  (2013)


Steven Daniels (2013)

[Adam Westervelt:] Clobber Simpson  (2012)

Love Direction (2012)

Secret Lightyear_ (2011)

Waveframe_ (2010)

The Hydrate EP + Chiral Compound EP (2007-2009)


My name is Steven Michael Daniels. I am a musician, producer, recordist, programmer, composer, arranger, performer, digital artist etc.  Before my fifth birthday I was diagnosed with Chalestatoma, a rare disease of unnecessary tissue growth that ate away some of my middle/inner ear. The first surgery was for completely different investigative intentions, only to find that some of my ear bones had already been destroyed in the left side of my head. My parents eventually found the Silverstein Institute where my hearing was repaired, and this tissue was removed from my skull. It has taken a total of seven surgeries to fix my my ear, but thanks to the help of Dr. Seth Rosenberg and his colleagues at the Silverstein Institute, I continue to actively persevere in my music production with hearing in my left ear. Throughout the length of shy life, I grew up in a Christian home surrounded by music — something that never ceases to spark my curiosity for life. Years of intensive instrumental focus has led me into developed realms of: self, thought, and song. Having performed in drum corps and various drumlines, a great respect is ministered for the obvious hours (of sweat and tears) that shine through in live music. A percussionist at heart, I have spent much of my time and thought on exercising various aspects of rhythm — for example:  The emotion that is captured through tonality and the specific pitch-change-increments can be very apparent even to the uneducated ear. That is why rhythm fascinated me so much… to be able to create the same power of music, simply by changing the amount of time that passes in between the occurance of two or more sound sources?!?!?……… Brilliant.

Disclaimer: Everything I wrote in the Autobiography of my life is true. However, keep your head up. Many great things are possible.



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